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The Nantahala Cascades
  • The Nantahala Cascades
  • The beauty continues downstream
  • Overlook for viewing the Cascades
  • Falls on Old River Road
  • Another Falls on Old River Road
  • White Oak Creek Falls and Cascades

The Upper Nantahala is one of the most scenic rivers in the mountains  with numerous waterfalls and cascades

Between the lake and the gorge, the Nantahala River drops almost a thousand feet creating some of Western North Carolina's most spectacular cascades and waterfalls. Most are easily seen from Wayah Road or Old RIver Road.

One of the falls is on White Oak Creek a short distance from its confluence with the Nantahala (above the bridge at Old River Road and Wayah Road). Extreme caution should be taken reaching these falls, There is no trail and reaching the falls requires climbing over rugged boulders

Special treats for waterfall lovers

high falls on Wayah Road

On the drive along Wayah Road north of the lake, Nantahala's highest falls are easy to miss — particularly in the summer when vegetation partially hides the view. The falls flow into the Nantahala River (foreground).